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South Park

South Park

Those foul-mouthed kids from Comedy Central's most popular animated series (in 1998) are starring in their first video game for the Nintendo 64, complete with authentic voices from show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Two play modes are available, Story and Multi-player. Story Mode involves finding three of the four children (Cartman, Kenny, Stan, and Kyle) before saving the town from aliens, turkeys, evil clones, cows, dolls, and UFOs. All five chapters are broken down into three stages each, with bosses appearing at the end of each episode. New characters for multiplay are unlocked after you complete each level. Curious about the characters? Besides the four children, you'll be able to access the following residents: Chef, Mr. Mackey, Big Gay Al, Barbrady, Mrs. Cartman, Wendy, Ike, Jimbo, Ned, Starvin' Marvin, Mephisto, Terrance, Mr. Garrison, Phillip, and even an Alien Visitor. Among the wacky gadgets you'll be able to use are snowballs, dodge balls, toilet plungers, sponge dart guns, a Warpo Ray, sniper chickens, Terrance and Phillip dolls, and a cow launcher!
Need some help? Cheesy Poofs and Zippo Cola are the power-ups of choice to replenish health and speed up your character, respectively. Also each character will offer several wisecracks throughout both game modes. South Park also supports the Controller Pak to save data and the Rumble Pak for vibration feedback. Parents should be warned that South Park contains mature language unsuitable for those under 17.

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