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SNES, N64 System & Game Cleaning Kit

SNES, N64 System & Game Cleaning Kit

  • 3.8mm security bit will open up your Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 game cartridges for cleaning and repair. You will receive step by step instructions, if you do not specify you will receive one or the other

 This step will help prolong the life of your system and its connector. It will help you to remove the dirt and grime for better game play.

  • Game contact cleaning eraser is used to better clean the corrosion & oxidation for better game play. Alcohol and Q-Tips are a good cleaner but will not remove the oxidation from the contacts. The oxidation can block your signal.
This step will help prolong the life of the system you are using. Please use eraser prior to alcohol and Q-Tips to better clean oxidation/corrosion from game contacts.
  • 4.5 mm security bit opens up the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo 64 system for cleaning and repair.

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