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Captain SkyHawk

Captain SkyHawk

Aliens have invaded the Earth, and their mission is to destroy us all! Building four land bases in the far corners of the globe, the bases designed to drain our energy and 'feed' it to their space station. Within a few days, our complete energy sources will be depleted, and then they will vaporize the Earth with a deadly laser blast! You are the only one standing in their way.
You must fight these invaders, but how can you fight effectively against a large alien invading force? For years, our scientists have been working on a special fighter jet, the F-14VTS. Equipped with a spy satellite viewer that lets you see your plane as you fly it, you will be a force to deal with. It's also loaded with firepower, but you can get more at your space station!
Unfortunately, no one said it would be easy. These evil aliens will attack you with everything they've got, from conventional planes and tanks, to amazing alien weaponry. You will have to be ready for anything. Prepare for the ultimate battle with the alien forces and free the world from complete annihilation.

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